The First Upstate NY Healthcare Provider to Accept Bitcoin/ Cryptocurrencies!


Bitcoin has been all over the news for the last few years and is often described as a disruptive technology, changing the way people view money. Many compare the technology behind Bitcoin (block chain) to the internet back in the early 90s, saying that in a few short years more people will understand it, more companies will accept it, and more things will be done with it. This week, the value of one bitcoin reached record highs as many influential groups, like Goldman Sachs and The CME Group, begin to consider the currency.

Today, companies like, Microsoft, Virgin Galactic, Tesla, OkCupid, Shopify, Expedia, Dish and more, all accept bitcoin in exchange for goods and services. There are even preschools in New York City accepting Bitcoin for tuition. Here at Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic we employ many new technologies like, Class 4 Laser Therapyin the treatment of neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain, headaches and more, so we figured we simply needed to offer this advanced payment technology to our patients as well (especially the local tech community). 

Those who currently use Bitcoin, often choose to use it wherever they can, and we want to be the first healthcare clinic that embraces this technology in Upstate NY. By offering this payment option, we are increasing convenience for people to pay with whatever they desire. We now accept cash, credit cards, debit cards, and Bitcoin/Cryptocurrencies. Aside from increasing convenience for those who already use Bitcoin, this option also increases the privacy of healthcare payments because Bitcoin transactions are untraceable.  

While it might not seem like much to the majority of those who live in Glens Falls/Warren County, we believe that accepting Bitcoin will likely help some people select Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic to be their local back and neck pain specialists.  


Please note that Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic PLLC does not offer any financial advice. We simply want to accept Bitcoin payments to increase options to our local community. This blog article is intended to simply spread the news that we accept Bitcoin at Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic and that is the sole purpose.