The Hemp/CBD field is in its formative years and has an influx of companies trying to get products to market as quickly as possible. It is important to trust the brand that you're buying.

Here at Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic, we only carry supplements from reputable brands. After a year of trial and error, a brand known as Truest You has become our exclusive Hemp/CBD product line. Their products are physician formulated, tested for active ingredients, USA sourced, organic, and effective. They even test the soil from where their hemp is sourced.

We use the muscle rub daily with patients (as many of you can likely attest) and it is very effective for muscle and joint pain. We also recommend the CBD tinctures to some patients dealing with sleeplessness, stress, and anxiety.*

The partnership between Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic and Truest You has lead to an discount available exclusively to our patients. Please click the link below, shop as you normally would, and you will automatically receive 20% off of your order plus free shipping at checkout!

*Do not self diagnose or self medicate. Not all people who have stress or anxiety should take CBD. Please consult with your personal physician if you are dealing with stress and/or anxiety prior to taking CBD.