Day one walk-through:


Overall, the Exam and first treatment Will take about one hour.


1. Paperwork (5-15 minutes)

2.History: (5-25 mins)

  • You will be asked to elaborate on some of your paperwork responses and Dr. Forlini asks you additional questions to better understand your complaint. 

3. Orthopedic, Neurologic, Functional Exam (10-20)

  • Our doctor will use your answers thus far to formulate a differential diagnosis, or a list of possible causes. In this phase, specific tests will be used to try to recreate your pain, while others will measure the impact of your ailment on your muscles and nerves. 

4. Informed consent

  • By this phase, our doctor has identified the most likely cause of your pain and will describe the results of testing with you, as well as, the intended treatment plan. If you agree, you move on to phase 5. 

5. Treatment

  • The providers here at Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic are trained in many different techniques and protocols. The provider will use their judgement to best customize a treatment plan that will help you.
  • There will be a finite number of visits in your treatment plan, typically spanning 6-12 visits. If measurable improvement are not made within this time frame, then the D.C. will refer you to the most suitable provider. 

*All listed time are estimates based off of average times*


What to expect for standard appointments:


Good news. There shouldn't be any paperwork for you to do for the majority of your follow up visits!

The typical follow up visit takes between 15 and 35 minutes depending on your specific treatment program. Some of our ancillary services might fall out of this range. 

We often include FREE Laser Therapy with our treatment plans which can add 5-8 minutes to your treatment. This is a service that helps many people so we feel the need to include it when warranted.  

Re-evaluation appointment:

There will be a scheduled re-evaluation appointment every 2-4 weeks after the start of your treatment program. The duration of this appointment falls somewhere between the initial examination and the typical follow up visit. It allows the Doctor of Chiropractic to gauge your response to care and make adjustments to your treatment plan if needed

Many patients will experience significant improvement by this time and some may even experience complete resolution of their pain. 

For patients who have complex conditions with complicating factors (comorbidities) or conditions that do not respond well to care, we will happily refer you to the necessary provider at this time.