Childhood to University

Dr. Michael Forlini grew up in historic Hyde Park N.Y adjacent to a 100 acre woodland where he kept busy mountain biking, hiking, riding ATVs, swimming, and snowboarding. When he wasn't exploring the woods he spent his time playing basketball, skateboarding, wrestling, and playing guitar. Dr. Forlini eventually discovered the power of nutrition and exercise the summer before entering college when he started weight lifting and running. This realization followed him to SUNY Oneonta where he studied Dietetics and personal training prior to declaring Human Biology as his major. Dr. Forlini earned Honors in Biological Studies and completed internships with physical therapists, as well as, orthopedic and general surgeons. After observing surgeries for the summer, he was selected to become a teaching assistant to the Anatomy and Physiology Department for the entirety of his senior year.

Dr. Forlini graduated with his bachelors of science in Human Biology with a physical therapy concentration in 2011 and began working at Bassett Hospital in Cooperstown NY as a physical therapy aide. It wasn't until 2012 that Dr. Forlini hurt his back weight lifting and discovered chiropractic. After a few treatments, he realized that chiropractic was the perfect balance of everything he was passionate about; anatomy, physiology, exercise, nutrition, and nature. Soon after, he enrolled at New York Chiropractic College to pursue a Doctorate degree in Chiropractic (DC).

Dr. Forlini focused his studies on evidence-based treatments for acute and chronic pain, rehabilitative exercises, and sports injuries rehab while at NYCC. Over the duration of his three and a third year doctorate program, he was able to provide care in many settings including Canandaigua Veterans Hospital, Monroe Community Hospital, Seneca Falls Outpatient Clinic, St. Joseph's Neighborhood Center, and the Ithaca Health Alliance Clinic. Dr. Forlini also enjoyed volunteering at events to treat professional MMA fighters, summer league baseball players, triathletes, etc. His vast experiences have resulted in an ability to diagnose and formulate treatment plans for each patient based off of both science and clinical impressions.

When Dr. Forlini isn’t practicing chiropractic, he enjoys mountain biking, weight lifting, playing acoustic guitar, exploring the outdoors, watching movies, and researching cryptocurrencies/blockchain technology.

As a clinician 

Dr. Forlini is an advocate of evidence based care, which he defines as, any approach to patient care that has been shown to be effective somewhere along the hierarchy of research.

In order for a treatment to make the cut here at Adirondack Spine and Sports Chiropractic PLLC, it needs to demonstrate effectiveness and have a rational explanation behind its effectiveness.

People often choose chiropractic as a last attempt to help alleviate their symptoms. It is not rare for people to experience significant relief here at Adirondack Spine, even when PT, medication, injections, and surgical interventions fail. #trychirofirst
— Dr. Forlini


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Dr. Forlini can relate to overuse and training injuries. He can help you work toward healing and avoiding further injury.

Dr. Forlini can relate to overuse and training injuries. He can help you work toward healing and avoiding further injury.

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